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Square Toe Slipper Mules

You can make these in half a day, without any lasts. You can make them a tad narrower if you wish for a sleeker look, rather than house-slipper-y look. Put a pre-made outsole and make it a city-bodega-run look!

As of May 2024, Brooklyn Shoe Supply carries pre-cut components as a kit, together with a toe shaper which is 3D printed, so you can use it to create a nice toe shape and height for the slippers.

What's included?

  • Video from start to finish
  • Downloadable Patterns
  • PDF of the video
  • Written instruction notes
  • Join the BKSS Shoe Fam!

Huge Size Run of Patterns!

We have created Women's size 3-4 all the way up to Men's size 13-14. So get ready!

A Perfect Gift Idea

Once you know how it's made, you can customize it for your friends and family. It's a perfect gift.